Jeep Bumper Options


When you are looking at your Jeep's front and back bumper, the first thing that you need to look at is the spacing between the bumper and the frame of the Jeep. There is a minimum clearance that is required by the law regarding front and back bumper visibility, and you definitely do not want to cross that line. The spacing in the Jeep bumper system will vary between different models and sizes of Jeep, so it is important to measure and compare before you buy. There is not much distance inside the Jeep bumper when it is open, so you do not need to worry about having a protruding front bumper if you have a large Jeep. You should not, however, have to cut off any of the Jeep's interior carpeting to make room for your bumper, because you are just opening up the space where the air is going to flow into the cabin.


The next thing to consider when choosing your Jeep's back bumper is the size of the roll bar, and it will also be important to think about how big of a back bumper you want. Some Jeep backpacks are quite large, and you do not want your Jeep to feel cramped when you are driving. In fact, the best backpacks come with a 6-inch lip on each side of the back bumper. If you plan on installing an aftermarket back bumper, make sure that you have adequate spacing between the front and back of the back bumper when measuring to ensure.