Jeep Lift Kits

When you want to upgrade your jeep, you have to consider which option fits your jeep best. There are many brands of Jeep lift kits available today. Each brand offers a variety of features designed to work well with particular Jeep models and styles. You may want to do some research to find out the best brands of Jeep lift kits available. Most of these brands make high quality kits that provide a custom look for your Jeep.


The market for high performance Jeep lifts has expanded dramatically over the past two years as more Jeep owners have opted to purchase aftermarket equipment. The popular brands of Jeep lift kits include mounts by Moog, Prolift, and Pace-Edwards. Moog manufactures the original and most popular performance Jeep lift kits; these include Moog's Lazy Susour Bar and the Powerstroke isolator system. Prolift and Pace-Edwards manufacture high quality, rack and pinion extensions for their lifting systems; the Powerstroke uses rack and pinion style drive trains and mounts, while Moog uses chain and pinion drives.


Other popular brands of Jeep lift kits include: JK Motorsports, Moog, Pace-Edwards, Strut, Armor-All, Access, and Strutrak. Each of these manufacturers' designs and manufactures different types of suspension lifts to better compliment the models of jeep that they produce. Jeep body lifts vary in price from about eight hundred dollars to about five thousand dollars; the lift kit that you install on your jeep will depend heavily on the type of Jeep model that it is intended for.