Jeep Wrangler Hardtop Roof Racks - What is the Purpose of a Jeep Roof Rack?

A jeep roof rack is a great way to increase the storage space of your Wrangler jeep. It can also be used to transport larger items that wouldn't fit inside the jeep. Another purpose of using a roof rack is to protect the items stored on it from rain, snow, and sun.

Most Wrangler roof racks are easy to install and you can easily do it yourself. However, there are many different types of jeep roof racks to choose from and they greatly vary in price and features, so you can find one that fits your needs. Some of them are full cage systems, while others are designed as bolt-on kits and gutter mounts.

Roof racks for Wrangler are great to carry a number of items including skiing gear, bikes, kayaks, and other miscellaneous stuff. When you use a roof-top rack, you can free up a lot of space in the rear cargo area of your jeep. The roof rack systems available on the market are quite easy to install and they can also be removed easily when you don’t need them.

In this article, we will look at the purpose of a roof rack to find out if you need one. We will also be discussing what a factory jeep roof rack looks like, and finally the best roof rack for your 2 door or 4 door jeep Wrangler.

So, let’s get started.

Can You Put a Jeep Roof Rack on a Jeep?

Yes, you most definitely can. In fact, some Wrangler jeeps come fitted with a factory roof rack, which is great in design as well. However, most people buy branded roof racks for their jeep Wrangler because of the amazing features they offer.

Before choosing a third-party roof rack, however, you must understand what static weight and dynamic weight ratings mean.

Dynamic weight rating refers to the amount of weight a particular roof rack can carry when the vehicle is in motion. Static weight rating, on the other hand, is the amount of weight a roof rack system is capable of carrying when the jeep is not in motion.

Some roof racks offer a dynamic weight rating of up to 300 lbs, which is quite good. This rating is enough to carry whatever gear you have in mind and even multiple items. These racks may be high in price, but they are totally worth it.

Factory Hardtop Roof Racks - Compare Different Types of Roof Racks

People buy a jeep for off-road adventures and to go on long road trips. Whether you want to carry more gear or even pack up a canoe for your next outdoor adventure, a factory fitted roof rack will come in very handy.

Some Wrangler jeep roof rack kits available on the market require OEM roof rack for quick installation. These are also known as crossbars and a jeep comes fitted with these bars for installation of any type of roof luggage rack later on. If your vehicle is not equipped with these bars, you can get in touch with an authorized jeep dealer and get them installed.

Once these bars have been installed on the jeep, the rest of the procedure is simple and straightforward. If you want to learn how to install Mopar roof luggage rack on your 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee, you can watch it here.

There are many different types of jeep Wrangler roof racks available on the market. Some of the most popular types include;

Hard top racks

These jeep racks are designed to be used with hard top jeeps. They attach to the roof of the jeep and provide a sturdy platform for storing items. These racks are made from aluminum or steel and are quite sturdy and long-lasting. The hard top roof rack is the most durable option and can support a lot of weight.

Soft top racks

These jeep racks are designed to be used with soft top jeeps and are made from nylon or canvas. They are supposed to be strapped onto the roof. They attach to the roof of the jeep and provide a sturdy platform for storing items.  

Overhead racks

These racks for jeep are designed to be used with jeeps that have an overhead console. They attach to the top of the jeep and provide a sturdy platform for storing items.

Spare tire racks

These jeep racks are designed to be used with vehicles that have a spare tire mounted on the back. They attach to the top of the jeep roof rack cargo and provide a sturdy platform for storing items.

Best Top Roof Rack Jeep for 2 Door JK and 2017-2018 Jeep Wrangler

If you’re looking for the best Jeep JK roof rack options, you have come to the right place. Since a lot of people are fans of Jeep Wrangler for its unmatched performance on the trails, it’s a good idea to customize yours with a roof rack to make the adventure even more fulfilling and enjoyable.

Most people choose a 3-bar system roof rack jeep for their Jeep JK Wrangler that consists of a trio of crossbars. It requires frame brackets to be installed around the jeep’s inside window frames. This system requires a bit of drilling, so be prepared for that.

Hard top molle panel for jeep is another choice when it comes to the best roof rack for 2 door JK and 2007-2018 jeep Wrangler. This one can be installed between the jeep’s middle roll hoop and the windshield area. Another option to look at is a Sherpa roof rack, which doesn’t require any modifications to be made to your vehicle for installation. This can be a great option for people who want to remove the rack after their adventure is over and store it away.

If you’re short on money, you can also go for triple-action roof rails instead of a full-fledged roof rack for your jeep Wrangler. This two-bar system is easy to install and is capable of carrying up to 165 lbs of weight. Again, this system doesn’t require any type of drilling or modification and is perfect for all your carrying needs.  

Many people also go for a sliding rack kit for their 4 door jeep Wrangler. These kits are designed to be installed on the base roof rack of your vehicle. By installing this kit, you can get full access to the soft top for easy retrieval of items. This sliding rack is capable of handling up to 300 lbs of load when you’re driving.