Off-Highway Vehicle riding is a sport that challenges your physical body, while indulging your adventurous spirit. Loads of OHV enthusiasts flock to the Turkey Bay OHV area located at Land Between the Lakes where they can enjoy 100 miles of the designated trails that wind their way through this national recreation area.

What to Expect on the Trails

Turkey Bay is home to varied topography and a number of primary, secondary and tertiary trails.

Primary trails are marked with the Yellow Blaze route markers. These roads are well-suited for beginners and novice drivers. Roads are maintained and offer a less-challenging riding experience.

Secondary trails are marked with the Orange Blaze route markers and are a bit more narrow and challenging for more intermediate riders or those seeking to hone their skills. Secondary trails serve as connectors between primary trails.

Another type of trails at Turkey Bay are the tertiary trails. These are marked with Blue Blaze route markers. They are the most narrow and challenging trails found in Land Between the Lakes' Turkey Bay OHV Area. They serve as connectors between both primary and secondary trails.