The Minnie Gulch trail takes off from the east side of County Road 110, just south of Eureka. You'll need a real 4x4 for this one. It's another up and back trip, but the side gulches seem to be less crowded than the passes, and there's more to see too. The Minnie Gulch trail has two forks. One leads to the Caledonia Mine and Kittimac Mine, and the other to the Esmerelda Mine.
Before you start on the trail, you oughta go pokin' around in the trees, just south of Minnie Creek. Here you'll find the remains of the Kittimac Mill. It's a ruin now, but interestin' to look at. I'm sure I've got a picture of it, but danged if I can find it.
Once you start up the trail you'll be in the trees for a ways. When you come out into the open, you'll be high above Minnie Creek. After you cross the creek, you'll see large concrete foundations across the creek on your left, and just beyond that a large wooden building. These are the remains of the ore mill and mill boardinghouse of the Caledonia Mine. The mill was built around the turn of the century. The boardinghose is very well preserved, owing to it's sturdy construction, and off the beaten track location. Please help it to remain standing by not pokin' around inside.
Shortly after you pass the boardinghouse, the road forks. To the left is the trail up to the Caledonia and Kittimac mine sites. To the left is the trail to the Esmerelda Mine. Takin' the left fork, you'll be seein' lots of old tram towers as you make your way up the gulch. Most of these were part of the Kittimac tramway. The first buildings you encounter are the remains of the Caledonia Mine. The Caledonia and the Kittimac both worked a claim made in 1872 by Dr. James Beaton of New York. The mines were established around the turn of the century. The large building was the mine boardinghouse, while the small building was the livery stable.