Located in the northeastern corner of California, lies the Modoc Naitonal Forest. It's about a three hour drive from Reno, Nevada, and about the same distance from Redding, California. The Modoc National Forest is bordered on the east by a spur of the Cascades known as the Warner Mountain Range, and to the west by a plateau region of forest meadows, Western Juniper timber, lakes, rolling hills, lava beds, and open range land. Elevations range from 9,934 feet to 4,300 feet. HISTORY OF THE AREA Modoc National Forest in northeast California is a land of rugged beauty, a land of "burnt out fires" according to its Indian occupants. The Pit River valley, the lake basins, the mountains and the high plateau have attracted a variety of peoples and cultures to this area. For nearly 10,000 years people have lived on these lands and have adapted to its environment. In order to understand the patterns of the lives of these people, heritage resource managers study the relationships between people, their cultures and the Forest environment. By carefully studying the bits and pieces of the materials left behind by these peoples in the sites where they lived, archaeologists can begin piecing together and interpreting the great unwritten story that lies on and within the ground.

Modoc National Forest