Steinjager, Jeep, CJ-6, HVAC Components, 1971-1975, Thermostat Gaskets, MADE IN USA, J0052411

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Aftermarket HVAC Components Thermostat Gaskets to fit Jeep 1971-1975 CJ-6

Product Overview

Steinj�ger is pleased to offer this aftermarket accessory which we have procured from an approved Steinj�ger supplier. Although not manufactured by us, we make this part available to compliment the Steinj�ger product line. 195 Degree Thermostat. Gaskets included Fits 1997-2002 TJ Wrangler w/ 2.5L Engine, 1997-2006 TJ Wrangler w/ 4.0L Engine, 1987-1995 YJ Wrangler w/ 2.5L Engine, 1987-1990 YJ Wrangler w/ 4.2L Engine, 1991-1995 YJ Wrangler w/ 4.0L Engine, 1971-1983 CJ-5 w/ 4.2L (6-258) Engine, 1971-1975 CJ-6 w/ 4.2L (6-258) Engine, 1976-1986 CJ-7 w/ 4.2L (6-258) Engine, 1981-1986 CJ-8 w/ 4.2L (6-258) Engine, 1966-1978 CJ-5 w/ 3.8L (6-232) Engine, 1966-1976 CJ-6 w/ 3.8L (6-232) Engine, 1976-1978 CJ-7 w/ 3.8L (6-232) Engine, 1971-1981 CJ-5 w/ 5.0L (V8-304) Engine, 1971-1975 CJ-6 w/ 5.0L (V8-304) Engine, 1976-1981 CJ-7 w/ 5.0L (V8-304) Engine, 1983-1983 CJ-5 w/ AMC 2.5L (4-150) Engine, 1983-1986 CJ-7 w/ AMC 2.5L (4-150) Engine, 1983-1986 CJ-8 w/ AMC 2.5L (4-150) Engine, 1984-2000 XJ Cherokee w/ 2.5L Engine, 1988-1992 MJ Comanche w/ 2.5L Engine, 1987-2001 XJ Cherokee w/ 4.0L Engine, 1987-1992 MJ Comanche w/ 4.0L Engine, 1993-1998 ZJ Grand Cherokee w/ 4.0L Engine, 1997-1998 ZG (Europe) Grand Cherokee w/ 4.0L Engine, 1993-1993 ZJ Grand Cherokee w/ 5.2L Engine, 1999-2004 WJ Grand Cherokee w/ 4.0L Engine, 2001-2004 WG (Europe) Grand Cherokee w/ 4.0L Engine, 1965-1970 SJ, J-Series w/ 3.8L (6-232) Engine, 1971-1986 SJ, J-Series w/ 4.2L (6-258) Engine, 1971-1991 SJ, J-Series w/ 5.9L (V8-360) Engine, 1971-1979 SJ, J-Series w/ 6.6L (V8-401) Engine, 1972-1973 C104 Commando w/ 5.0L (V8-304) Engine. Replaces OE part number 83501426

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